Babolat Pro Tacky X3 Overgrips - White

Babolat Pro Tacky X3 Overgrips - White

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You love to fight like hell on a tennis court and you are in desperate need of a high absorbing over grip. If this is a very tacky feel you want to secure your grip, we made the Pro Tacky just for you… as well as many of our pros on Tour.



Pro Tacky is our overgrip that features the highest absorption results during our lab tests (250%). This is making it what we believe to be one of the most absorbing overgrips on the market.


Not only ultra-absorbing, we made also this over grip the tackiest of our line. With our Pro Tacky we guarantee you a more secure grip, even in humid conditions.
      • Sport:Tennis & Padel
      • Type:Comfort
      • Absorption level:5/5
      • Thickness:0.02 in
      • Tackiness:Extra Tacky
      • Length:49 in
      • Composition:non-woven 70% PET and 30%PAPU enduction