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Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women Raquet (White/Blue)

Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women Raquet (White/Blue)

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Introducing the Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet, designed specifically for female tennis players seeking a lightweight and powerful option on the court. With its elegant white and blue color scheme, this racquet not only delivers exceptional performance but also complements your style.

The Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet is a high-quality and stylish choice for female players who want to excel in their game. It combines a lightweight construction with advanced technologies to provide the perfect blend of power, control, and comfort.

Technical Benefits:
- Lightweight and Maneuverable: The Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet is designed to be lightweight, weighing approximately XX grams (unstrung). This lightweight construction allows for effortless maneuverability, enabling quick swings and rapid shot execution.
- Shape: This racquet features a women-specific shape and grip size, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold for female players. The shape promotes optimal handling and control, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the court.
- Head Size: The Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet has a standard head size of 100 square inches, providing a balance between power and precision. The generous sweet spot offers forgiveness on off-center hits and helps maintain consistent shot-making.
- Weight (Unstrung): The racquet's lightweight design makes it easy to handle and swing, making it ideal for female players who prefer a lighter frame for increased maneuverability.
- Balance (Unstrung): It features a balanced distribution of weight, allowing for stability and control during shots. The balanced design enhances shot accuracy and maneuverability.
- Swing Weight: The racquet has a moderate swing weight, striking a balance between power and control. It offers enough momentum for powerful shots while ensuring maneuverability and quick reactions.
- Stringing Pattern: The Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet utilizes a standard stringing pattern of 16 mains x 19 crosses. This pattern provides a good combination of power and spin potential, enhancing your overall game.
- Stiffness (RA): With a stiffness rating of approximately XX RA, the racquet offers a blend of power and comfort. The moderate stiffness provides a solid feel while minimizing unwanted vibrations, delivering a comfortable playing experience.
- Section: The racquet features a traditional section design, providing a comfortable grip and precise handling.

- Woofer System: The Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet incorporates the Woofer System, which allows the strings and frame to interact dynamically upon ball impact. This technology optimizes the contact time between the ball and strings, resulting in enhanced power and comfort.
- Elliptic Geometry: The Elliptic Geometry design of the frame provides added stability and torsional resistance, improving control and reducing unwanted twisting during shots.

Elevate your game with the Babolat Evo Drive Lite Women Racquet. Its lightweight design, women-specific features, and advanced technologies make it a top choice for female players looking to enhance their performance on the court. Take your game to the next level and make a stylish statement with this exceptional racquet.
  • Head Size: 670 cm²
  • Length: 685 mm
  • Weight (unstrung): 255 g +/- 7g
  • Balance (unstrung): 320 mm +/- 7mm
  • Swing Weight: 270
  • Stringing Pattern: 16/17
  • Stiffness (RA): 70 Section: 23-26-23