Yonex Astrel 105 Demo Tennis Racquet

Yonex Astrel 105 Demo Tennis Racquet

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Oversized frame allows for easier play with power.

The ISOMETRIC™ equalizes the length of the main and cross strings in the string-bed, enlarging the sweet spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-centre hits.
Quad Force Gear
Expanded Sweet Spot and More Power
Thick side grommets have been equipped on the four corners of head, extending the effective length of the strings. Additionally, the racquet frame on the whole has been made thicker to varying degrees, resulting in the frame achieving uniform stiffness.
With an overall expanded sweet spot, players are able to experience an increase in repulsion off of the string bed.
Newly Designed Shaft
Improved Face Stability Grants Better Control
The shaft has been made with a cross-sectional design, resulting in a 15% increase in shaft stiffness, also
cutting down on twisting at the throat.
Tri-Shut System
The Tri-Shut System utilizes three different materials equipped in the racquet that work together to absorb shock and cut down on unpleasant vibrations.
Easy Transfer of Power into Your Racquet
The ERGO POWER GRIP cuts down on openings between your hand and the grip, putting more power into your shots. Designed as a near-regular octagon, the grip end is thick, becoming thinner towards the top, resulting in a sloped design that provides improved handling.