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Adidas RX 1000 Padel Racquet

Adidas RX 1000 Padel Racquet

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The new RX 1000, is a versatile racket that incorporates STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology so that no matter how hard you play, your racket will always support all the intensity of your game. Let yourself be seduced by the feel of the low-density EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber together with the softness of its   FIBER GLASS surface. SMART HOLES LINEAL technology strengthens the entire shovel surface thanks to the layout of the holes linearly and in groups of 3.   Its round shape will allow you to control the game and take it where you want.


Level - Intermediate

Game Style - Control

Shape - Round

Balance - Even (265mm)

Weight - 360-375 grams

Surface - 499 cm2

Length - 455mm

Thickness - 38mm

Protector - Standard

Rubber - EVA Soft Performance

Surface - Glass Fiber

Spin Blade - No
  • Adidas RX 1000 racket with SMART HOLES technology to reinforce its surface.