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Adidas Multigame Racket Bag - Black/Red

Adidas Multigame Racket Bag - Black/Red

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The adidas Racket Bag Multigame Padel Bag Black/Red is a versatile and stylish sports bag designed specifically for padel enthusiasts. It combines functionality, durability, and a sleek design to meet the needs of both casual players and professionals. With its ample storage space and specialized compartments, this bag ensures that you can carry all your essential padel equipment in an organized and convenient manner.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

Size and Capacity: The adidas Racket Bag Multigame Padel Bag is designed to provide generous storage space while maintaining a compact and manageable size. It offers a spacious main compartment capable of holding multiple padel rackets, balls, and other accessories.

Racket Compartment: The bag features a dedicated racket compartment with padded walls to protect your rackets from damage during transportation. It can typically accommodate up to 2-3 padel rackets securely.

Shoe Compartment: This bag includes a separate shoe compartment that allows you to keep your dirty or wet shoes isolated from the rest of your belongings. It helps prevent odor and maintains cleanliness.

Accessory Pockets: Multiple zippered pockets are strategically placed throughout the bag to store smaller items such as grip tapes, wristbands, sunglasses, keys, wallets, or personal devices. These pockets ensure easy access and keep your belongings organized.

Durability and Materials: The adidas Racket Bag Multigame Padel Bag is constructed using high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. It features a sturdy and water-resistant outer shell to protect your equipment from the elements.

Carrying Options: The bag offers versatile carrying options to suit your preference. It includes a padded adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying, as well as a durable carry handle for convenient hand-carrying.

Design: The black and red color scheme of the bag exudes a sporty and modern aesthetic, while the adidas logo adds a touch of brand recognition. The sleek design makes it a visually appealing choice for players of all levels.

Dimensions: The specific dimensions of the bag may vary slightly, but generally, it measures approximately 70cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 20cm (height), providing ample space for your padel gear.

  • Format: Paletero
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Capacity: 10 shovels
  • Dimensions: 56x29cm
  • Collection: 2022
  • Brand: Adidas