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adidas MULTIGAME Backpack - Black/Green

adidas MULTIGAME Backpack - Black/Green

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The Adidas MULTIGAME Backpack in Black/Green is a versatile and functional bag designed to meet the needs of padel players. Here's a description of the bag and its technical benefits:

The MULTIGAME Backpack features a sleek black design with green accents, offering a stylish and sporty look. It is designed to provide ample storage space and organization for your padel essentials, making it a convenient and reliable option for carrying your gear.

Technical Benefits:

1. Spacious Design:
The backpack offers a spacious main compartment that can accommodate multiple padel rackets, clothing, shoes, and other personal items. It provides ample room to store all your essential gear for practice or matches.

2. Dedicated Racket Compartment:
The bag includes a dedicated compartment to safely store and protect your padel rackets. This compartment is padded to prevent damage and has secure straps to hold the rackets in place.

3. Additional Storage Pockets:
The backpack features multiple additional pockets, including a front zippered pocket and side mesh pockets. These pockets offer convenient storage options for accessories, small items, water bottles, or personal belongings.

4. Comfortable Carrying:
The bag is designed with adjustable, padded shoulder straps that provide comfortable carrying, even when the bag is fully loaded. The straps can be adjusted to fit your preferred length, and the padding helps to reduce strain on your shoulders.

5. Durable Construction:
The MULTIGAME Backpack is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand the demands of regular use and can endure various weather conditions.

6. Easy Access:
The bag is designed for easy access to your belongings. The main compartment features a wide opening with a double zipper, allowing you to quickly and easily pack and unpack your gear. This makes it convenient for grabbing items during practice or matches.

7. Padel-Specific Design:
The backpack is specifically designed for padel players, taking into consideration the unique needs of the sport. It offers sufficient space for rackets and gear, ensuring you have everything you need for your padel sessions.

Padel Specific Design
Medium size, approximately 48 x 14 x 31 cm.
Grip to carry it on the back and adjust to taste.
Large enough main pocket to store clothes or shoes.
Very modern design in black and green.
  • Dimensions: 40x15x48cm
  • Padel-Specific Design